Monday, April 27, 2009

Note to my kids: Don't spend a dime on Mother's Day!

Gifts from the heart are all I desire this Mother's Day. An offer to clean out one of my cluttered cabinets or drawers, download some 70's songs on a disc, put pictures in an album, etc. Those are all priceless gestures!

Remembering back through holidays, I treasure the kids surprising me with having the house decorated for Christmas. That was amazing! One day of no occasion, my daughter in law handed me a thank you card in appreciation of helping with the grandchildren. I keep that on my bulletin board.

So forget the pricey gifts and cards, honor your Mother with an unexpected action.

Still need to get her a little something? has some great suggestions and sales:


  1. My mom is the same way. She doesn't want us to get her anything for Mother's Day. But what she doesn't know is that I plan to burn her a CD of songs from when she was born.

  2. My mother has told us that she doesn't want anything.... just being with us is enough. However, On the 5th, a card will be arriving at the house in her name. I got a little sneaky and got her a card (from me and my sister), which it was free. Anyways, just because she doesn't want anything doesn't mean she will be completely empty-handed.

  3. Texasheartland and confettidreams: your Mothers will be touched at these heartfelt gifts! :)

  4. Now that my kids are older they are good at remembering things like Mother's Day. The two of them have been sneaking around the house working on something for me. It's really cute, unless you need to do something in the room they are herding you out of. I expect nothing from dh, he's horrible about gifts much less recognizing anyone's efforts on anything.

    Hope your Mother's Day is fab.

    Sahm from Chaos Realm