Monday, April 27, 2009

Note to my kids: Don't spend a dime on Mother's Day!

Gifts from the heart are all I desire this Mother's Day. An offer to clean out one of my cluttered cabinets or drawers, download some 70's songs on a disc, put pictures in an album, etc. Those are all priceless gestures!

Remembering back through holidays, I treasure the kids surprising me with having the house decorated for Christmas. That was amazing! One day of no occasion, my daughter in law handed me a thank you card in appreciation of helping with the grandchildren. I keep that on my bulletin board.

So forget the pricey gifts and cards, honor your Mother with an unexpected action.

Still need to get her a little something? has some great suggestions and sales:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Dream Come True

I've longed to turn my lifelong passion for writing into a lucrative venture. It's been many years that I hung up my journalism career to raise my children. Now, my time has come again, in Chapter Two.

How fun to turn a hobby into a profession! I stumbled upon a writing opportunity that was up my alley. I can write from home according to my schedule and submit articles that are published on various websites. The icing on the cake is getting paid weekly, as well as some revenue sharing down the road.

Beginning this blog is like my ever changing visualization poster for this precious second half of life. I have other areas that need attention, too, but I'm off to achieving long term goals.

What is a goal of yours? Perhaps we can work together to help you achieve it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm a chicken. Flat out. The mere thought of going sideways, upside down or higher than three feet evokes sheer terror!

Since I love to travel, I've overcome the fear of flying - as long as it is a regular sized commercial aircraft. Oh yes, did I mention it has to be a smooth flight? Turbulence turns me into a major white-knuckle, "hit me with a glass of Chardonnay" flyer.

So it was with the gravest of apprehension that I agreed to go on a rugged Jeep tour of the mystical red mountains and cliffs of Sedona, Arizona.

If I'm writing this - I lived! Seriously, it was a major milestone in going out of my comfort zone -goals for the Chapter Two in my life.

I closed my eyes only once, when the driver who had a heads up that I was adventure-impaired, prompted me.

I am thrilled I took this step. It is said that Sedona is one of the most spiritual places in the world. I saw up close and personal the reason why. The cliffs, mesas and plateaus are like layers of Red Velvet Cake and just as delicious - visually. The rock formations seemingly speak to your soul. What adventure will I be willing to take next? My mantra is "baby steps" and I consider this amazing Jeep tour a LEAP!

When did you go outside of your comfort zone? How did the experience affect you?

Leave your answer within the comment area and you'll be entered to win the PBS Skinwalkers DVD and Skinwalkers paperback book by Tony Hillerman swirling with Navajo mysticism and mystery. To earn a bonus entry, sign up as a follower of my new blog. Ends Wed., April 15th at Midnight PST. Random drawing. Good Luck!