Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett: Baby Boomer Icons

The loss of two Baby Boomer icons on the same day deserves a blog post. These two opposite sides of the mirror likely share something in common. Were they worshipped to death?

Let's take his legal woes and accusations off the table for a moment. There is no denying that a vast majority of we younger baby boomers tap our feet and sing along when "Thriller" or "Billie Jean" plays on the radio. This same majority became a minority when Jackson's life began to unravel - but still his music was our secret guilty pleasure. We all watched Michael Jackson become the original Transformer as his appearance evolved from "pinch your cheeks he's so cute" boy to "The Invisible Man." In the coming days and weeks as this story unfolds, keep his children in your prayers as they no doubt become pawns in a tragic Chess game.

Farrah Fawcett. Here is someone men wanted to be with - while women just wanted to be her. Oh, how I strived for my hair to look just like hers! I maneuved my curling iron into a blonde elongated tootsie roll and then used half a can of hairspray to keep it in position. Farrah was beautiful till the end. After watching "Farrah's Story" documentary, I learned she was just as gorgeous on the inside.

Will these two icons meet up in afterlife? Will Farrah become Michael's Wendy in Neverland?

Sheryl Mahaffey-Pimentel

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  1. Strange thing... I had no idea who Farrah Fawcett was but my dad did. And my mom used to listen to Michael Jackson music.

    Yeah, he was so cute when he was young :( and Farrah was so gorgeous!!!

    -spamwarrior from AW