Friday, March 6, 2009

Sheryl's Stimulus Check(list)

My Stimulus program hasn't a thing to do with government. It's all about stimulating our mind and bodies to get them revved up. Throughout the year, we will have our own Stimulus plan ideas.

Here is part of Sheryl's Stimulus Program for ChapterTwo'ers:


* Keep a Sudoku or Crossword Puzzle book in your car. If you are waiting to pick up your kids or grandchildren from school or just in line at your bank's drive through window - five minutes of brain work will clear the cobwebs. At home, utilize your computer's free card game program. Solitaire, anyone?


* Move it, sister. All the cliche's are true: park farther away than usual. Exit the opposite end of the mall from where your parked. Take your garbage out multiple times a day. Those steps may not equal climbing a mountain but it's definitely a hill!


* Contact a relative or friend you haven't seen or talked to in a while. I just signed up for Facebook and on the first day in touch with an aunt and two cousins living distances away. It's like Pandora's box- I can't wait to open my email program to see who will join next! If you believe in a higher being - give thanks.

Baby steps. Let's take baby steps.

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